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Cabin Plans 10' x 12' Urban Studio

Plan ID: #2719

This gorgeous 10x12 Cedar Urban Studio small cabin plan from San Diego, California made with sliding double french doors has a breathtaking view. It is inviting and impossible to resist!

Plan Size:

10' x 12'

120 sq. ft.

11.1 sq. m.

Plan Price:

Base Plan US$149.00
fullprice: 149.0000

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Total 149

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Options Featured In This Plan

Your True North Plan contains the following options. Note that three options are included in the base price, each additional three are $10. See pricing for more details.

  • Cedar Roof Trusses (Sonoma) - ID: CRTO

    Replacing the spruce trusses with these cedar ones will enhance the appealing smell of our Sonoma cedar designs.

  • Interior Cedar Wall Finish (Smooth Channel) - ID: ICWS

    Finish the exposed wall studs with western red cedar channel siding to really demonstrate where "inside meets outside." Provides a beautiful "finished" look.

  • Cedar Roof Boards (Hip Roof) - ID: CRBH

    This option replaces standard OSB sheathing for the roof with elegant 1 x 6 cedar boards.

  • Cedar Channel Rough (horizontal) - ID: CHR

    This rough siding takes stain very well, and has an old rustic look. The interior of the siding features smooth siding.

  • SDD9 Sliding Double French Doors - ID: SDD9-S

    Sliding double French doors - the two middle panels slide behind the two outer ones.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • T1 Transom Window - ID: T1-S

    This charming accent window is designed to go over a D3 Double door but has numerous other applications. The T1 window is ideal for allowing light into aan area such as a changeroom without compromising privacy.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade