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Garden Shed Plans 9' x 12' Glen Echo

Plan ID: #2785

This 9x12 Glen Echo small cabin plan from Toronto, Ontario has a dormer producing natural sun light and a delightful engaging window. It is cosy and a perfect place to read a book and hang out!

Plan Size:

9' x 12'

108 sq. ft.

10.0 sq. m.

Plan Price:

Base Plan US$149.00
fullprice: 149.0000

currency: USD

4 - 6 Options US$10.00
See options featured below
Total 159

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Options Featured In This Plan

Your True North Plan contains the following options. Note that three options are included in the base price, each additional three are $10. See pricing for more details.

  • R22 (5 1/2") Floor Insulation - ID: R22FLR

    This insulation package adds 5 1/2" of insulation to your floor. It is priced based on square footage of the building.

  • 5/8" T&G Spruce Plywood Loft - ID: PLYLOFT

    Our 5/8" tongue and groove spruce plywood loft is ideal for a basic storage loft. Priced by square footage of loft space.

  • Pitch Modification - 7/12 to 10/12 - ID: PITCHCHANGE1

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  • Cedar Channel Rough (horizontal) - ID: CHR

    This rough siding takes stain very well, and has an old rustic look. The interior of the siding features smooth siding.

  • Dormer 7' - 8'(D) - ID: DM1

    Our dormers are an architectural delight that provide space, style and additional light; this one is specifically designed for 7'-8' wall depths.

  • C2-A Opening Sash Full Muttin - ID: C2-A-S

    This large opening sash window opens by sliding the lower half in behind the upper half. All of our cabin series windows include screens.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • D6 Deluxe 9-Lite Single Door (34"W) - ID: D6-S

    The deluxe door, our most popular door. Beautifully crafted from clear western red cedar. Door handle may be placed on the left or right during installation.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • Wood Vents (Pair) - ID: V2-S

    We offer these rectangular 8" x 12" wood vents, which are handy for air circulation. Our vents come in pairs of 2.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • P9 Arched Opening Sash Window - ID: P9-S

    This arched opening sash is a delightfully engaging window.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • W5-B Fan Arch Window (32"W x 16"H) - ID: W5-B-S

    Our fan arch window adds a nice bit of detail on gable ends and dormers. The extra light is also handy. This window is available in different sizes to suit different dormers.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • 3' Antique Flower Boxes - ID: AF3-S

    For a more elegant look, try these 3' long antique flower boxes to liven up your backyard living space.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade

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