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Backyard Studio Plans 10' x 12' Sonoma

Plan ID: #3302

A 10x12 Sonoma pool cabana design in Modesto, California has an elegant plane white cedar siding and double French doors which adds to its beauty. It is a great changing room!

Plan Size:

10' x 12'

120 sq. ft.

11.1 sq. m.

Plan Price:

Base Plan US$149.00
fullprice: 149.0000

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Total 149

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Options Featured In This Plan

Your True North Plan contains the following options. Note that three options are included in the base price, each additional three are $10. See pricing for more details.

  • Planed Cedar Channel Siding (horizontal) - ID: CHP

    This is our Rough Cedar Channel siding run through a planer to achieve a smooth exterior finish without sacrificing the practical life and longevity of the board.

  • P7 Opening Sidelite Sash Window - ID: P7-S

    The sash window is the opening version of our 10 pane sidelite (W9).

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • D9 French 20-Lite Double Doors - ID: D9-S

    Crafted from clear western red cedar, our popular double French doors are in a class of their own.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • W11 Large Fan Arch Window - ID: W11-S

    This large fan arch window fits over double solid or French doors and makes an inviting entranceway.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade