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Primary navigation 10' x 10' Melbourne

Plan ID: #5811

This Melbourne garden shed gives off a classic look with its arched door and antique hardware. Its good looks is always sure to draw attention.

Plan Size:

10' x 10'

100 sq. ft.

9.29 sq. m.

Plan Price:

Base Plan US$129.00
fullprice: 129.0000

currency: USD

4 - 6 Options US$10.00
See options featured below
Total 139

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4 - 6 Options US$10.00

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Options Featured In This Plan

Your True North Plan contains the following options. Note that three options are included in the base price, each additional three are $10. See pricing for more details.

  • Cedar Shingles - ID: CDS

    Adding cedar shingles to your design could be the nicest upgrade you can choose. They give any structure a dramatic look and are extremely durable. Our cedar shingle packages even include pre-cut cedar caps to make installation easier.

  • Cedar Channel Rough (horizontal) - ID: CHR

    This rough siding takes stain very well, and has an old rustic look. The interior of the siding features smooth siding.

  • Antique Hardware (Dutch / Double Door) - ID: AH2-S

    This antique hardware is designed for the Dutch / Double Door models only.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • D4 Arched Single Door - ID: D4-S

    Our quaint single arched door adds a wonderful detail on smaller sized sheds. It is manufactured with either rough or smooth cedar siding. Door handle may be placed on the left or right during installation.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • C3-A Double Casement Full Muttin Window - ID: C3-A-S

    This large double casement window features two window sections that open out, operated by a casement crank on the inside. Ideal for larger units. All of our cabin series windows include screens.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • Melbourne Finial (Copper) - ID: FN703B-S

    This copper finial is the perfect 'cap' to our Melbourne designs. Standing at 36" tall with a 6" ball in the center, it is made of copper and is our finest Finial!

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • W9 10-Pane Sidelite Window - ID: W9-S

    Our 10 pane sidelite window is very popular; a natural on our five sided Catalina corner designs.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade

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