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Garage Plans 12' x 20' Highlands

Plan ID: #3357

This splendid 12x20 Modern Highland DIY Garage plan stationed at Nyrack, New York has mahagony raised panel garage doors, solid deluxe door and a transom. It can fit anywhere.

Plan Size:

12' x 20'

240 sq. ft.

22.2 sq. m.

Plan Price:

Base Plan US$199.00
fullprice: 199.0000

currency: USD

4 - 6 Options US$10.00
See options featured below
Total 209

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4 - 6 Options US$10.00

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Options Featured In This Plan

Your True North Plan contains the following options. Note that three options are included in the base price, each additional three are $10. See pricing for more details.

  • Permit Drawings Including BCIN - ID: PRMT2

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  • Cedar Siding Rough (vertical) - ID: VSR

    For those who prefer a different look, we offer our standard rough cedar channel siding in a vertical format.

  • Garage Door Electric Operator - ID: GDEO-S

    The electric operator adds convenience to the opening and closing of your garage door!

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • GD513 - Mahagony Raised Panel Garage Doors - ID: GD513-S

    Made with solid mahagony raised panels, this style of coach house door gives your home an air of elegance. This door looks best when stained to accentuate its natural tones and matches our cedar siding well. Note that the price shown does not include installation (only applicable in Ontario). Call us for more details.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • DH5A Decorative Solid Forged Brass Entry Knobs (Single Door) - ID: DH5A-S

    This single door hardware upgrade is shown in Polished Brass and is also available in Distressed Nickel, Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze. Please take a look at our sample photos for other color options (as applicable). Please ask our sales staff for a recommendation based on your building if you're unsure which is best for you.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • D7 Solid Deluxe Single Door (34"W) - ID: D7-S

    Looking for added security and style? Our deluxe solid clear cedar door is the right door for you. Door handle may be placed on the left or right during installation.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • T1D Dune Transom Window - ID: T1D-S

    This transom window was designed specifically for the Dune style, but may also be used as a modern touch to our other styles!

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade
  • Wood Vents (Pair) - ID: V2-S

    We offer these rectangular 8" x 12" wood vents, which are handy for air circulation. Our vents come in pairs of 2.

    Available as TNP upgrade
    Available as TNP upgrade