We have tried really hard to make sure that our site is as informative as possible, but just in case we have assembled some helpful answers to frequently asked questions below.

  • Purchasing Plans

    Can I return plans I've already purchased?

    Due to the nature of DIY building plans and the ease of copying and sharing electronic and printed documents, we do not provide refunds.

    How do I download my plan?

    It's super easy, and best of all, immediate.

    • Choose your favourite plan and select "Buy this Plan".
    • Follow our simple and secure checkout process.
    • Open the PDF links in the confirmation email to download and print your plan.
    • It's that simple!

  • Tehnical Information

    What scale are your plans drawn to?

    Typically, our plans are drawn to a scale of 1/4" = 1'. However, they can vary in size with the smallest scale being 1/8" = 1'.

    Do the plans come permit ready?

    No, they are not permit ready. You will need to have additional drawings completed for submission to your local building permit office. These drawings will need to be stamped by a local engineer. Extra charges will apply. That said, smaller units (generally under 100 square feet) do not require permits. Always consult with your local permit office for more information first, as we do not provide refunds on our plans.

    Please note that our plans do not include structural calculations (e.g. wind and snow loads). The drawings can be approved by an architect/engineer registered in your area and modified as required.

    What size paper do I need in order to print the plans?

    For your convenience, we have created our plans so they will print easily on a standard home printer that uses 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

  • Modifying my Plans

    Will my plans be exactly as shown in the picture?

    Not necessarily. There is a main set of plans that detail how to frame and construct the floors, walls and roof for all our four-sided structures. The types of doors and windows you choose to install are separate documents which detail the framing and construction process. Simply subtract studs from where you would like to place the doors and windows.

    Can I substitute different supportive elements in your plans (e.g. 2 x 3 wall studs instead of 2 x 4)?

    You can, but we don't recommend it. The plans are designed to meet most building codes and, by altering the supportive elements, you may be compromising regional codes.

    Can I change the height and overhang in my plans?

    Absolutely. Our plans actually cover all three stud heights (wall heights). The only thing that will change in your material and cut lists are the studs.

    Can I change the roof pitch?

    You are welcome to change the roof pitch; however, we are not able to do that for you.

    Can I install eaves troughs?

    Yes, but some modifications may be required.

    Will my online modifications be reflected in my plans?

    Yes. If you change the door, it will be included with your plans. If you delete a window, it will not show up in your order. Remember that option documents are separate from the main plans.

  • Installation & Setup

    Are foundation instructions included with my plans?

    No. Because there are varying building codes and local conditions that must be considered, we cannot provide specific details. We recommend checking with your local building department before setting a foundation. If you would like to see some foundation examples, please visit our foundation section.

    Are shingling instructions included with my plans?

    No. There are numerous roofing options available; therefore, we recommend that you look at the manufacturers shingling instructions and follow their directions.

    Do you include instructions on how to insulate my building?

    No. Insulation needs depend on regional requirements and the end use of your building.

    Do you include instructions on how to install my own doors and windows?

    Yes. The window and door openings are described in such a way that our instructions will allow you to install any window or door that you like, safely and easily.

    Do you offer instructions on how to install plumbing or electrical?

    No. This type of addition is best left to a specialist in the field. Contact one in your area.

  • Additional Options & Modifications

    Do you offer plans for cupolas, flower boxes and shutters?

    Absolutely. Tell us what options you would like to add to your structure and we will include the plans with your structure.

    Is it possible to purchase doors and windows from True North Plans?

    Certainly. With every plan, we include a price list for all our options. Select the doors and/or windows you want, and then check out. Alternately, you can purchase your own doors and windows. Be sure to get framing information from the retailer that is selling you the option.

    Can I put more than one dormer on my structure?

    Yes, but we do not recommend doing this because it may compromise the stability of the roof.

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