What you get

We make weekend projects quick and easy! Purchase a True North building plan and you'll get all you need to build your dream shed, cabin, garage, or pool house.

All you need to DIY like a true pro!

Building Plans

The basic plan for the style and size you have chosen including detailed step-by-step drawings and everything else you'll need.

Options and Accessories

Separate plans to guide you through the construction of your wooden doors, windows, flower boxes, and other options. These will also explain how to frame your door or window into the walls of your building.

Material List

A summary of the basic tools you will need listed under 'necessary' and 'nice to have'.


A guide to the tools you should have on hand to make construction a snap.


A detailed breakdown of what to do with the materials once you have purchased them.

Assembly Instructions

Printable instructions that provide a step-by-step walk-through of the complete assembly process.

Assembly Video

Sometimes it's nice to see somebody else do it. Links to our library of easy-to-follow instructional videos are included with your download.


Stumped? Drop us a line through our contact us page and we'll walk you through your question.

What's not included

Permit drawingsIf you're considering a larger structure (anything over 110 ft.² or so), you may need detailed drawings to submit to your local permit office. The drawings included in our standard plan package may not be suitable for permit submission. If you would like us to provide these drawings for you, send us a note and we will provide a quote.


Some options Basically, if you can't make them, we don't provide the plans. This includes metal doors and windows, copper Kypreos, siding, and certain other options. These options will be listed as "not applicable" on your download page. Please note that these options may be purchased as part of our TNP Upgrade Package.


Remember, for your added convenience all of our options and accessories may be purchased as part of our TNP Upgrade Package .