TNP Upgrade Package

For those who want the added convenience of having your doors and windows built for you, we offer the TNP Upgrade package.

Buying materials and cutting the pieces for the framing, trim, and siding in your TNP plan is quite simple. Building doors and windows on the other hand can require a little more skill and equipment.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, the TNP Upgrade Package may be the route to go. Simply look for the TNP Upgrade Package information when you are choosing your plan and check the boxes of the options you are interested in. You will be provided with a quote for your Package, which will also include your TNP plan and freight cost.

To purchase doors & windows as part of a TNP Upgrade Package, simply select the appropriate boxes when you are purchasing your plan. Your quote will be updated for you.
More about building doors and windows.

Building doors, windows, cupolas, and other accessories can be fun DIY projects, but only if you have the necessary carpentry skills and equipment.

Easy Projects ( Do it yourself! )

Our basic doors and windows are fairly easy to construct and don't require any special skills, materials, or equipment. That said, they are a little more of a challenge than simply buying pieces of wood and cutting them, and you may not want the hassle. If this sounds like you, you may just prefer the TNP convenience kit option.

Basic doors and windows

More Difficult Projects ( Require advanced skills and equipment )

Our more elaborate opening and closing doors and windows require intermediate to advance carpentry skills as well as more than just basic equipment. Additionally, our premium doors and windows require a high-grade of clear cedar or pine; these materials can be a little more difficult to source.

If you are going to attempt these more complex tasks, please make sure you are prepared.

Premium doors and windows